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Who we are Peer to Peer crowd shipping platform connecting Travelers and senders.


As a platform HeyParcel is transforming the way goods move between cities by enabling anyone to have anything delivered on-demand. Our revolutionary intercity peer to peer crowd shipping platform connects senders with Travelers who can deliver anything from there traveling city to heading city. We empower communities to local parcel senders with no waiting, faster, cheaper and empower sharing economy and environmental friendly packing.

"Shipping service redefined"

HeyParcel is an Indian start-up firm incepted in the year 2018 with a vision of redefining how the traditional parcels are delivered to the destinations.

It has all began with a small idea "why can't travelers be the medium for a shipping service". The young engineers of HeyParcel built a robust application to provide a low cost, high-speed delivery service system to cut short the waiting period of the parcel.

"We know how long you wait for a parcel."

“HeyParcel is a mobile application that connects Travelers across a platform and provides opportunity to earn in the travel by delivering shipments on the way. 

Why we are different,We own no transport vehicles yet we deliver the packages faster than any other provider. Our strong and effective medium of Travelers streamlines the delivery system and provides a fairly low cost.
We are in the age of internet where mobile applications became part and parcel of our lives.HeyParcel is one among such applications providing the best possible interactive features for senders, Travelers and receivers to connect, send and track the shipments.

"We don't like to grow alone"

Travelers are an important medium for us and we provide the best possible opportunities to fill up their pockets. HeyParcel is also constantly involved in supporting travelers in every stage, right from receiving the 
parcel to the final delivery of the parcel.

"When you are traveling, let HeyParcel know."

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